Film Direction Course

film Directin Classes in Patna

“A Director’s job is to make something happen and it doesn’t happen by itself. So you cajole, you flatter people, you tell them what needs to be done. And if you don’t bring a passion and an intensity to it, you shouldn’t be doing it,” as James Cameron said. Our Film Direction course helps you to learn about stepping into the film and TV industry by comprehending the various aspects related with directing a film through guidance and instructions by highly experienced and veteran personalities from the respective industries. This immersive course gives you practical hands-on experience in directing utilising the creative and interesting process of film making from script to screen. This comprehensive course teaches you about all the integral elements of screen writing, scheduling, story boarding, casting, lighting, sound recording, camera work, digital editing and directing.

Post completion of this integrated course, the students would have gained the necessary skills for directing a film whether short or long. Throughout the duration of the course, the aspirants will get ample of opportunities to meet and network with fellow attendees, directors, representatives from the TV and Film industry. The proficient mentors will help you establish the right balance between the unspoken feelings and the spoken dialogue of the ambient sounds and image. The pedagogies followed here inculcates a yearning to aim at achieving excellence in the art of film making and the aptitude to work in a team in addition to developing the capability to handle the crisis situations too.

Aspects included in Film Direction Course:

Film Direction institute at affordable fees
  • Screenplay Writing – Understanding the history of film making and genres, wisely choosing film subjects, learning about fabula, syuzhet and screen time, adapting pre-existing stories, understanding the concept of space and time in cinema, time planning in scripts, learning to create plots and developing characters, working with archetypes and mythotypes, comprehending Hero’s journey, imparting knowledge about film analysis, writing effective dialogue, building conflicts, creative narrative structure and more
  • Film Direction – Comprehending the role of the Director, budgeting, casting, pitching ideas, financing and production models, understanding styles, genres and self expression, working with storyboards, understanding Mise-en-Scene, working with actors, crew structure and chain of command, learning production design including set construction and location management, making detailed shot breakdown plots, shooting protocols, career management and counselling and much more
  • Audiography – Learning about the physics of sound, introduction to microphones and recorders, recording location sound, understanding soundtrack layering, audio mixing, theory of sound design, final export of sound stems, modes of acquiring production sound
  • Post Production – Understanding the basics of editing, incorporating special effects, sound design, learning music appreciation and much more
  • Cinematography – Introduction to cameras, optics, lenses and elements of visual communication, understanding visual design (composition, colour theory, textures, tones, graphics), lighting design, building the film’s visual treatment plan, comprehending with the choice of cameras, filters, lenses and shooting formats, gaining knowledge about colour correction and DI, working with animation and computer graphics
  • Editing – Teaching about principles of editing, understanding continuity, theory of montage, learning to re-write the script on editing table, learning to build dramatic tension, working with surprise and suspense, comprehending post production planning, final mastering and deliveries, understanding rhythm, pace and tempo

Intensive script writing exercises, elaborate one-to-one "Sequence Shot Exercise," theatre and film acting workshops, and a lot more practical training is what makes this happen.Film Direction Course in Patna An ideal platform for students to develop relevant film-directing skills.