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“Acting is not about being famous, it’s about exploring the human soul” - this is what our Film Acting course takes the base as. Learning to act is not merely about becoming an actor however it involves self analysis, self recognition, self realisation and more for a holistic personality transformation and make over. Our course has been fabricated in a manner to inculcate the right confidence and capabilities in an individual to get aboard his/her journey to become an actor. It has been exclusively designed by experienced and highly professional personalities from the entertainment industry including theatre and film both.

The pedagogy followed under this professional course is throughout aligned with the entertainment industry to impart practical knowledge to the students. As a part of practical learning, we ensure that every student gets individual attention for becoming habitual of facing the camera understanding the technicalities that further helps during screen tests/auditions too. Throughout the duration of the course and even post completion, 100% assistance is offered to make the overall journey a highly productive one. There are special workshops conducted from time to time on imagination and film appreciation by industry experts in addition to special sessions by celebrities and prominent acting instructors’.

Aspects included in Film Acting Course:

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  • Acting Fundamentals – Laying the foundation stone for acting fundamentals covering relaxation, exuberance, trust, discipline, playful attitude, handling criticism, ability to work, handling pressure, concentration, listening and responding, speech, diction, body language, improvisation, mind games and more
  • Vocal Fundamentals – Exercises (physical and vocal) to liberate your voice from routine tensions, developing breath connection, stamina and support, developing vocal range and projecting your voice without strain, gaining perfection in articulation work to understand the context with better specificity, muscularity and precision
  • Movement Fundamentals – Exploring and developing body in sync with representing expressions, becoming self-aware about your body through experiential anatomy, spine alignment, articulation of body parts and more, understanding the connection between breath, objectivity, space presence
  • Theatre Fundamentals – Gaining confidence to keep a balance between conscious and sub-conscious mind in front of crowd, developing ideas to formulate, write and perform in self-directed ways, active and textual analysis for exploring and realising scenes, monologues, duologues and more effectually
  • Camera Fundamentals – Understanding body movement aligned with various camera angles and shots, learning to speak dialogues, delivering reactions, prompt reactions to actions coming from co-actors to enhance the scene
  • Character Fundamentals – Developing your character aligned with textual and devised settings, preparing not only for naturalistic character but also commedia dellarte, archetypes, Brechtian characters and more
  • Film Appreciation – Understanding the various aspects of film making and acting on micro level for developing refreshed vision and different perspectives to look at any scene or film
  • Creative Imagination – Identifying and awakening your hidden creative potential to become aware about your unique specialty
  • History of Cinema & Acting – Making you aware about the origin, the roots, the basics, interesting and knowledgeable facts about the film and theatre industry

While the aspirants learn the nitty gritties of acting, they get to work in a professional short film at the completion of the course. A portfolio comes free of cost as a part of this film acting course in Patna. Further we assist in directly introducing you to top casting directors of the industry for simplifying the true expedition ahead. Don’t feel alone as we stand strong in your support even after you have completed your course with us.

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