Modelling Course

Modelling Course in  Patna

“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.” Keeping this in mind, we offer you the chance and the right platform to kick start a career in the Modelling business. The art of Modelling is something that is learnt through actions, by doing it, and not by learning theories. As you progress, your mind begins to change. Our Modelling course follows the ideology of integrating story telling with the best technology at disposal. We offer intensive and practical ways to teach the fundamentals of Modelling to make the students adept in the basics of writing, lighting, pre-production, directing, storytelling and more. At DIFA, we pave path to help students transform their ideas into effectual, worthy and watchable videos and gradually move onto creating short as well as full-fledged films.

The course has been fabricated aligned with the entertainment industry standards equipping the students to explore and develop a voice and style of their own while they prepare to set aboard their long journey of writing and directing. Our collaborative approach to teach the aspirants about the Modelling fundamentals include both practical as well as theoretical aspects covering script writing, camera, lights, direction, editing, sound, dubbing and more. The comprehensive course covers both aesthetic as well as technical aspects of Modelling imparted by distinguished and well established personalities from the industry.

Aspects included in Modelling Course:

Modelling School
  • Film Direction – Understanding film grammar emphasizing on visual storytelling through shot-by-shot film analysis, learning about narrative structure, time and space management, division of stories into scenes and sequences, shot break down, transitions and narrative flow, continuity and more, imparting knowledge about history of cinema to develop deeper appreciation for movies
  • Screenplay Writing – Emphasis on screenplay as the centre, film analysis during course in terms of its screenplay structure, encouraging students to use their personal experiences for writing stories carrying higher degrees of psychological and social authenticity, knowledge about the Three Act Structure in addition to other narrative structures too, learning to articulate the premises, identifying the story’s central conflict, utilizing songs and dance effectually throughout the movie
  • Sound Recording – Comprehending the different audio elements to make story telling more powerful and effective, sync-sound, learning about the aesthetic role of sound and importance of sound design, understanding the physical properties of sound such as effect of space on sound, analogue and digital audio signal, pitch, timbre, frequency range and so on
  • Cinematography – Assisting students in developing the aptitude to transpose conceptual ideas into visuals, learning the visual language, image formation, still photography, principles of motion picture camera, videography, chroma key and visual effects, teaching lighting pattern, film composition, different types of camera movements to impressively bring out the story, hands on experience with various film cameras
  • Editing – Helping students understand the tenor and texture of a film’s reality, learning the secret recipe of crafting reality by manipulating space and time, understanding basic syntax, image collision and types of shots, introduction to basic software, editing exercises, scenes and sequences and more
  • Film Production – Learning the importance of planning throughout pre-production including casting, location hunting, storyboarding, scheduling and budgeting. Further gaining insight into overall production process from concept to screen covering cast and crew building, logistics of recce’s, shooting, set making, sound post, editing, digital intermediate process and more by our Faculty Member

Throughout Modelling Course in Patna, the students gets hands-on experience on the technicalities of the Modelling business exploring and enhancing their technical, business and creative skills, building connections and collaborating with learned professionals from the industry.