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Film Making Course in South Patna

  • SHARP INSTITUTE OF FILM & TV of Mass Communication (ISMC) is one of the leading media, journalism and mass communication colleges in Patna,Bihar INDIA-
  • SHARP is distinct from most media colleges. Since its foundation in 2015, its vision has been to provide high-quality media education to students who aspire to join the ranks of high-level media professionals.
  • To achieve excellence in the field of media, journalism and mass communication.
  • Collaborate with renowned foreign universities for an internationally recognised degree in journalism & mass communication in addition to existing international agreements.
  • To expand the SHARP network nationally and globally.
  • To launch a TV channel in the near future.
  • SHARP Express is a truly national daily newspaper with circulation throughout the Union of India.
  • Create our own university, specialising in new media technologies
  • Making & adding effective promo and jingles while anchoring
  • Talk Show Host and moderating an event
  • Reporting a news & Interviewing, recording the byte & transcription& scripting
  • Different Reporting styles-Political, Entertainment, Crime, Sports & Business

    SHARP is a charitable organisation and is therefore free from the constraints of a commercial organisation. This solemn fact enables us to provide the best education and infrastructure in our field, with the most recognised and experienced faculty who teach and work directly in print and broadcast media.

    Media, Journalism & Mass Communication.:

    Film Making School
    • Mass Communication – The Diploma Program is part of the various professional and vocational courses offered by SHARP. It is based on a ratio of 70:30, with 70 per cent of the course of study being practical and 30 per cent theoretical. It is our firm belief that journalism and the media cannot be learned by books alone. Field work and field reporting are the hallmarks of Indian journalism and the UG Diploma specifically designed keeping this in mind.
    • Screenplay Writing – Emphasis on screenplay as the centre, film analysis during course in terms of its screenplay structure, encouraging students to use their personal experiences for writing stories carrying higher degrees of psychological and social authenticity, knowledge about the Three Act Structure in addition to other narrative structures too, learning to articulate the premises, identifying the story’s central conflict, utilizing songs and dance effectually throughout the movie
    • Sound Recording – Comprehending the different audio elements to make story telling more powerful and effective, sync-sound, learning about the aesthetic role of sound and importance of sound design, understanding the physical properties of sound such as effect of space on sound, analogue and digital audio signal, pitch, timbre, frequency range and so on
    • Cinematography – Assisting students in developing the aptitude to transpose conceptual ideas into visuals, learning the visual language, image formation, still photography, principles of motion picture camera, videography, chroma key and visual effects, teaching lighting pattern, film composition, different types of camera movements to impressively bring out the story, hands on experience with various film cameras
    • Editing – Helping students understand the tenor and texture of a film’s reality, learning the secret recipe of crafting reality by manipulating space and time, understanding basic syntax, image collision and types of shots, introduction to basic software, editing exercises, scenes and sequences and more
    • Film Production – Learning the importance of planning throughout pre-production including casting, location hunting, storyboarding, scheduling and budgeting. Further gaining insight into overall production process from concept to screen covering cast and crew building, logistics of recce’s, shooting, set making, sound post, editing, digital intermediate process and more by our Faculty Member

    Throughout Mass Communication in Patna, the students gets hands-on experience on the technicalities of the Mass Communication business exploring and enhancing their technical, business and creative skills, building connections and collaborating with learned professionals from the industry.