Mass Communication Classes

Finishing Classes:

  • The basics of fluency, Voice: pitch/tone/intonation/inflection
  • Voice Over: Rhythm of speech, Breathing, Resonance, VO for TV commercials/Corporate videos/ radio commercials/ TV Documentaries
  • Public Speaking: Showing how to hold an audience's attention, Teaching awareness of voice and its function, Demonstrating how to control body language, Breathing and articulation
  • Duties and responsibilities while news reading, Understanding the news scripts and news agenda
  • On-air Essentials ,Studio autocue reading & Recording the voice
  • A look at personality, style and general show presentation
  • Communication Skills
  • Examples of anchors work and detailed analysis of their styles
  • Making & adding effective promo and jingles while anchoring
  • Talk Show Host and moderating an event
  • Reporting a news & Interviewing, recording the byte & transcription& scripting
  • Different Reporting styles-Political, Entertainment, Crime, Sports & Business


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