ANIMATION: Courses that open your mind to the exciting world.

  • Sharp provides animation career-building courses that will sharpen your skills and train you for work in animation studios, gaming firms, TV channels, ad agencies and film producers. An animation career is one of these days ' most sought-after opportunities. With lucrative jobs, a chance to demonstrate your talent and an opportunity to be in the spotlight, an animation career offers

  • VFX: Courses which make you a specialist in all-round VFX.

    • Visual Effects (VFX) begins when reality meets and combines with the imagination. Sharp VFX courses prepare you to become VFX experts in all ways. From the basics to the most sophisticated techniques and tools, you'll know everything a skilled professional needs from the industry. With films such as The Avengers and Bahubali, and TV shows such as Game of Thrones.

    GAMING/AR-VRCourses that help you master sports, augmented reality and virtual reality professions of the new age.

    • Sharp Animation offers career-building courses in production and game design. The courses cover everything from conceptualizing a game idea to publishing a game to all facets of game design. Another integral part of Sharp courses is the creation of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) environments using Unity. While the path of game design is geared to creative people like you, interested in.

    WEB & GRAPHICS: Courses which train you in graphic design, web design & technology careers.

    • The courses offered by Sharp Animation combine technology with imagination to train you in the conceptual, architecture, advertisement, marketing, technological and analytical aspects of digital space communication. The increase in advertising has led to increased demand for the producers and designers of digital content. You could be that expert on call! The Internet and all its emerging technology nearly touched.

UI-UX: A course which will educate you on all aspects of user interface design and user experience..

  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are areas of high demand in the media and entertainment industry. The skills and knowledge you acquire at Sharp Animation will contribute to a wide range of careers You will learn and apply current best practices and norms in UI and UX to create effective, convincing and navigation-friendly computer-based experiences for website users.

DIGITAL DESIGNING & MARKETING:Courses that train you to control digital space.

  • Multimedia occupations range from marketing and advertising to moviemaking and web design. In addition, the multimedia practitioners are involved in a variety of roles within each of these categories. Get preparation for work in print, online & social media with Sharp Institute. Learn web design, graphic art, digital & interactive design, languages & Web standards in web programming. Exciting and well paying.

BROADCAST:A course which trains you to build complete content on the ' channel packaging. ' .

  • The entertainment industry provides some of today's world's most exciting and rewarding careers. Some of those professions are for people like you who are innovative. You will develop graphics elements and digital designs for motion pictures and television projects as a broadcast designer. Being a broadcast artist, having a passion for creativity is important to you. Sharp School.

MULTIMEDIA: Courses which train you for well-paid jobs in digital graphics & image editing.

SHORT TERM COURSES: Courses that help you gain new skills, fine-tune your skills or master one or more apps. .

  • Short term courses offered by SHORT TERM COURSES Sharp Animation are suitable for students as well as working professionals. Whether you want to hop into your media and entertainment career for jobs in animation, VFX, web & graphics, video, and more, or sharpen your expertise in the industry's latest software, these courses are right for you.

FAST TRACK COURSES: Fast courses for students looking to gain or develop media and entertainment skills. .

  • FAST TRACK COURSES Sharp Institute offers quick short courses exclusively for students to help them gain or improve their skills in animation, VFX, graphics & web design, broadcasting, and digital design. You need to demonstrate job skills while applying & appearing for an interview with the position. Such courses are the perfect way to get your first job, quick. .


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