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“Acting is truthful behaviour in imaginary circumstances”

We follow this training principle strictly and start with simple Muscular Memory exercises of ailments, and handling imaginary object without emotional connect trying to work on one sense at a time till the time the student is able to handle all five of them post that we give all the exercise a emotional connect or rather a point of view through Sense Memory exercises this is a extensive training process to create space and to charge it up with a emotional connect and to dig deep into the bank of already existing Memories Related to the senses then slowly progresses to partner exercises of Action Problem where there is human contact but silent the idea is to have a emotional connect with the person while not indulging in a dialogue but having a point of conflict through a common object of interest this is the most important part of training following Improvisations .A major portion of the exercise would pertain to understanding this skill that saperates the amature from the professional after this basic training is done we move to what is called Scene Work , now here is a scene work the moments are fixed as per script , directions and emotional moments and the student is trained to get repeated accurate performances without the element of luck , the underlying principle being that.

“We at Sharp Acting School train actors to perform through a Trained Instinct and not Conscious Effort”

The Technique

After the student has come command on his instrument and imagination response we expose him/ her to the intricacies of film making process which is essential to understanding what acting for camera is all about this is followed by a series of exercises and monologues to make the student comfortable to camera presence followed by shooting the scene practiced and new scenes developing a quick response to understanding and performing after sufficient practice the student will attend the audition workshop one of our most important and defined product that sets us apart from other institutes a fast one week workshop to make students aware of the audition process.


  • Our faculty has years of experience in theatre & as an acting faculty. Also, he is a theatre writer, director & actor. He will help a student to identify his acting potential & how to groom it.

  • In camera acting session, the technical aspects of camera(i. e. camera angles, types of shot, actor marks, etc.) will be taught along with practical scene shooting in the studio.


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